How to use a Waffle Maker

If you like waffles and want to make one for yourself, it is not as difficult as may think. This is because you can prepare your waffles using a waffle maker. How to use a waffle maker? Here are the easy and simple steps you can take today to make your waffles

How to use a Waffle Maker – Step by step

How to use a waffle maker

The first step you have to take is to get the batter ready

If you want to start this from the scratch, it is great, but it would take you long times to mix all the ingredients needed. It could also be more expensive. For easy waffles preparation, you can add vanilla, cinnamon just for flavoring. If you want to add heat to the food, you can put chili powder. Moreover, you can add oil to the system. This would make the waffle look crisp after preparing it. It would change the color to golden brown and it makes for easy release from the iron. You can read more details about recipes for waffles here.

The second step is heating the waffle iron

When you have mixed all the ingredients, you have to heat the waffle iron and put it in any flat surface if you do not want it to slide. If the batter is leaking, you can prevent the leakage by putting either a plate or a paper towel beside it.

In the third step, you should avoid scratching the non-stick surface

Your cooking surface is the clamshell. It also contains Teflon, which is the black portion of iron. This has a non-stick coating which makes it easier for you to remove your waffles when they are ready. It is important that you do not scratch this coating. If you do, you would notice that your waffle would be stuck to the Teflon and iron after preparing them. You have to avoid this, because it would not look nice after you have finished preparing them.

The fourth step is very important and it requires you to grease the iron you would use in preparing the waffles

It is recommended that you grease the waffle with spray oil. Even though the iron is non-sticking one, it is still good to have it greased. The spraying should be light. When you have done this, you have to plug it after closing the clamshell. You would notice that the iron turn on once it has light. Depending on the iron model you are using the light could be turning on and off. When this happens, it is an indication that the iron is on and you can go ahead and use it for your purpose. It is important to remind you that the cooking surface would be hot together with the metal iron. You should not touch them with your hands, because it could burn your hands.

Step 5 and this is the time to pour your batter

After a few minutes of plugging in the system, pour your mix inside the clamshell, you have to pour them slowly. You pour it at the middle in such a way that it can cover the bottom of the cooking surface. Close the shell after you have poured them. You would observe steam on the side as well as gas expansion inside the batter. When you have closed the shell, the indicator light may turn on or off depending on your model.

Step 6, you have to observe the waffles cook

You have to wait patiently until the waffles are done. You can know when it is done either when the indicator light is turned on or off, depending on your model. You should have your eyes on the unit side; this is because there could be leakage from the side when there is too much batter. You can prevent this with either paper towel or a plate. If the waffle iron does not turn on or off, you can determine when the waffles are done when it has turned golden brown. This means that it is the time for you to remove the waffles.

Step 7, time has come for you to open the clamshell and check the waffle to know whether it is done or not

Once it is crisp and golden brown in color, you have to remove it with caution. You have to avoid scratching the Teflon coating in the process. You can smoother, butter your waffles using syrup, and enjoy your work. You can eat this one while you prepare more if you have more batter. You can always eat your first waffles while you wait for others.

The final step is cleaning up after preparing your waffles

Unplug the iron, open the clamshell, and allow everything to cool. When it is cool, wash the system using a washcloth or paper towel. Wash the cooking space very well and the sides. This helps to prevent gross. Store the unit after washing and drying them. You can follow these easy steps to prepare your waffles.


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