How to clean a Waffle Maker

If you want to learn how to clean a waffle maker, these following guides would be useful for you. The cleaning process can be tricky as there are various steps involved. It is not a matter of throwing the appliance into the water and start washing them. If you do that, you could damage the appliance. If you do not damage it, it could cause injury to you, especially electrical shocks.

How to clean a waffle maker These days, some appliances do not have stick cooking surface. This means that grease, crumbs, and batters do not stick to the surface, making it easier for the appliance to be cleaned.

If you want to clean your system, the first thing you have to do is to get the owner’s manual and study all the information provided on how to clean the appliance and follow the instructions as provided in the manual. If you cannot lay your hands on the user manuals, the following instructions would guide you. Whichever way, you are sure of achieving your goal of cleaning your appliances.

The process described below is cleaning your waffle makers that do not stick plates. If you have an appliance with sticking plates, the information may not work for you. Before starting the cleaning, you should bear it in your minds that you do the cleaning without immersing the unit into water. Immersing it into water would do more harm to the appliance.

How to clean a Waffle Maker – Step by step guide

Step one

The first thing you have to do here is to unplug your appliance from the power source, and allow it some minutes to cool before you begin the cleaning processes. You should never start cleaning while the appliance is still plugged.

Step two

After you have unplugged and allowed to cool, it is the time to begin the cleaning properly. It is possible that you would notice some puddles of oil. Even though this might be small, but it is recommended that, you remove such puddles using a dry paper towel. Do not use a wet paper towel.

Step three

Some particles that could not be removed by the paper towel may remain in the unit. Such particles as dried batter crump could only be removed using bristled kitchen brush. It has to be a soft brush and not a hard one.

Step four

Some stubborn batter may be retained in your appliance. It is better that such batters are removed using a rubber spatula. This is effective in removing stubborn substances from your waffle.

Step five

If after the application of brushes and spatula that some batter remained in the system, you have to soak it in cooking oil. Allow it to soak here for sometimes until it becomes it is softened. When it is soft, it would be easier to remove the stubborn batter from its body.

Step six

After soaking the appliance in cooking oil, the oil would soften the batter. It could be removed completely using a dry paper towel. This ensures complete removal of remaining batters from the appliance.

Step seven

Finish cleaning the plates using a damp dishcloth. This would ensure that all the foreign bodies in the plates are completely removed.

Step eight

Another stage of the cleaning processes is the exterior of the waffle. Both the handle and the exterior could be cleaned using a damp cloth. However, you must be cautious here. Ensure that water does not affect any electrical part of the unit.

Step nine

After you cleaned both the interior and exterior part of the unit, it is advisable that you allow them to dry completely before you pack them back to your cabinet or wherever you want to store it.

These are simple processes and it is easier to clean waffle maker with non-stick than those with removable iron. This type of iron does not always require coating. If you do not have a kitchen brush in your home, you can use toothbrush, you would achieve the same result.

Finally, before you start cleaning the system, you should allow it to cool completely before starting. Remember that these are guides to cleaning a unit with non-removable iron. If you were actually interested in discovering how to clean a waffle maker, these simple and easy to follow steps would help you achieve your objectives.

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